Message in a bottle


"Message in a bottle" is a story for children (and a few grown-ups), about the reality of a dream, about longing and wanting something so badly that fantasy becomes reality

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Eight Tramps

"Eight tramps" is a mockumentary, flirting with the gangster/comedy genre. Playing all parts behind and in front of the camera are street people. This is their film. People of the streets are affiliated with the Salvation Army´s program fighting addictions. A professional film team has followed the process of making this film with director Hallvard Bræin at the helm.

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The Weston Way


Can one man on a rusty motorbike do more good than a whole ministry worth of development aid?

Meet Weston Sianchrongwe, changing Africa from the bottom up.

Since 2005, Weston Sianchrongwe has been working for the Norwegian organisation Response Network in Zambia. Response Network is a “Help to self help organization”.

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The Fying Dutchman

"The Flying Dutchman" IN PRE-PRODUCTION

In the course of a few days in July 1839, one of Romanticism’s most significant operatic works is conceived, penned by a composer who has had an enormous influence on an entire era, as well as on posterity. The whole work is staged through a dramatic flight, a stormy voyage, and a liberating encounter with the Norwegian coast.

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Essential Killing

"Essential Killing"

A soldier must fight for his own survival as well as the cause of his people in this powerful drama from acclaimed Polish filmmaker Jerzy Skolimowski.

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Streetwise Gynt

AVAILABLE ON DVD – "Streetwise Gynt" is a different film adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play Peer Gynt. The play is the core of the story, but an additional documentary angle conveys the reflections of the participants and the process of the dramatisation itself.

 The actors of the film are “homeless” people in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

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