The Ocean Between


IN DEVELOPMENT – Initial selfish interests and relationships from the past stand in the way for a Cuban-Norwegian couple, before they discover the true bond of love.


The Ocean Between is a film about love and belonging, that talks to several generations, across borders. The story shows how difficult it can be to trust love and to find home, in a world that is sometimes too small, and other times too large.


(TRAILER) Tailer also available on VIMEO.


(PILOT) Piloten also available onVIMEO.


Writer and director: Guro Rugstad Jenssen

Format: feature

Genre: drama

Locations: Havanna, Cuba and Nordland, Norway

Main cast: Leticia Gutierrez and Ola Furuseth.



* Video pilot available from mid-October 2013.

* 3rd draft screenplay in English available.

* Script development supported by The Norwegian Film Institute, script consultant Edvard N. Rønning.

* Sources 2 script consultation by Miguel Machalzki.

* Roughly estimated budget: 10 million NOK.

* Production Service in Cuba: “Shoot Cuba”, represented by Luis Lago and Miguel J. Mendoza.

* Habana cast and locations defined.

* Production designer Carlos Urdanivia.

* Seeking main producer and project development.



Leticia Gutierrez

Anna Dworak

Barbaro Maikel

Ola Furuseth

Mads Sjøgård Pettersen

Leonora Ravn-Christensen

Sofia Aleksandra Osmundsvaag