The Fying Dutchman


IN PRE-PRODUCTION – In the course of a few days in July 1839, one of Romanticism’s most significant operatic works is conceived, penned by a composer who has had an enormous influence on an entire era, as well as on posterity. The whole work is staged through a dramatic flight, a stormy voyage, and a liberating encounter with the Norwegian coast.


• Smuggled aboard a sailing vessel.

• Caught in a life-threatening storm.

• Inspired between myth and reality.




It is the year 1839. Richard Wagner flees Riga to avoid debtor’s prison. He is Smuggled onboard a ship. Caught in a life-threatening storm. The ship is a drift towards the cliffs of Norway.

Through the greatest resistance, the fairy tale is formed. Richard Wagner’s storm sends waves well into our time.


The Flying Dutchman

52 min documentary for international TV. Shooting script available.

Script/Director: Gaute Lid Larssen



Trailer is also available directly at VIMEO. Please contact Cylinder for password.