The Weston Way


IN PRE-PRODUCTION – Can one man on a rusty motorbike do more good than a whole ministry worth of development aid?


Meet Weston Sianchrongwe, changing Africa from the bottom up.


Since 2005, Weston Sianchrongwe has been working for the Norwegian organisation Response Network in Zambia. Response Network is a “Help to self help organization”.


Weston is a Training Officer. His job is to travel around to villages in Zambia to inform people of their rights and motivate them to start changing their lives to the better. On his red motor-bike, he has visited more than three hundred villages the last four years. The results have been overwhelming: more than two hundred community school have been started, alongside more than two thousand other projects.


Weston has been teaching people in the villages about their rights to education, to medical care, to be a part of the political society. With the active use of stories and anecdotes, he informs about HIV/AIDS, agriculture, women’s groups, skills-training etc.


Weston comes across as a great pedagogue. Trough his humour, he quickly finds the tone with the people in the villages. Every night, he puts up his small tent to spend the night. During the weekends, he returns to his small farm where his wife Cecilia and their children live.


Weston Sianchrongwe is the embodiment of an African with a vision of the future of his continent. His deep-rooted attitude is, that the African people have great resources. They only need to be encouraged to use them.



The Weston Way

52 min documentary for international TV

Director Kjell Vassdal, Script writer Christopher Grøndahl – Producer Gaute Lid Larssen